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With 50 Flavors to Choose From, we have something for everyone

50 Original Flavors

Modern Vape is the culmination of three years of developing flavors.

We have tested on a daily basis and have tweaked to make sure we perfected them. If you are looking for that all day vape, we have you covered. 

Made and bottled in a Class 7 cleanroom by PhD Chemists, Modern Vape flavors use only USP grade VG, PG and Nicotine. 

And with 50 flavors, you have one that will stick with you for life!

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The Joy of Flavor

Modern Vape was born out of a desire to help people make the switch to vaping.  

In that, it was our desire to create the best flavors possible.

People's palettes are as varied as they are, that 's why we have created 50 flavors that will leave you satisfied.  

So browse around a little bit and be adventurous in trying out many flavors! You won't leave disappointed. 

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